Take Adventure through Photos

I have a friend who always has impressive photos uploaded to public. I was wondering, “You don’t take holiday everyday. You don’t experience something big every time. How could you keep post impressive photos on your Facebook profile?” She didn’t answer.

When things were getting absurd (she posted a “wanted” picture where the bandit is herself), I begun to suspicious that it’s all manipulation. It must be editing photos. It must be Photoshop or software like that. But since my friend did not savvy Photoshop, I guessed she asked someone to do her photos. But who?

One day, I found an online service that lets me create incredible fun pictures. That’s really simple and quick, you don’t need to be Photoshop savvy to make cool photo effects. “You used PicJoke free service, didn’t you?” I directly asked my friend. And she acted don’t remember anything. Ha ha ha. Gotcha!

PicJoke.com. It’s fun, anyway. They add the new effects almost every day. Try it yourself. Make funny photos yourself. If you like, it’s not only for your own photos. Do you want to make fun with your friends’ photos?

This is also the way! Just choose one of the available effects and upload a photo there, follow the simple instruction there, so you can create funny pictures online. Send it to your friend. Or if you’re sure that he will laugh (instead of feel offended), uploaded to your Facebook and tag him. Light up your friendship!


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