Rahasia Sunyi, a Mystery Lies Beneath One of the Highest Volcanoes in Indonesia

Rahasia SunyiTitle: Rahasia Sunyi (The Secret of Silence)
Author: Brahmanto Anindito
Genre: Thriller Novel
Thick: 372 + x pages
Publisher: GagasMedia
Website: www.warungfiksi.net/rahasia-sunyi

Lautan Angkasawan goes to Kerinci for a puzzle. Kirey Fowler, his former lover, died in an accident on that highest mountain on Sumatra Island. The girl’s father then asked Lautan to investigate her death. Feels knowing Kirey outside-in, Lautan nods to Mr. Fowler’s plea. So he flies to Kerinci, one of the regencies in Jambi Province, Indonesia. Slowly but surely, the curtain of mystery opens. But, apparently Lautan is not alone there. His life is in danger.

Rahasia Sunyi is the third novel of Brahmanto Anindito. Still, with the thriller recipe that makes you can’t stop to read the pages. And still, with the nuance of Indonesian local setting, so you can enjoy this as you are in holiday trip to some tropical island. FYI, Rahasia Sunyi is a suspense story set on western region of Indonesia: Sumatra Island.

So, if you’re looking Indonesian novel to light you up during this springtime, well, this is it! Rahasia Sunyi is not an adventure novel. But, I think you’ll understand Indonesian nature and culture better by reading it. You’ll love it 🙂


One thought on “Rahasia Sunyi, a Mystery Lies Beneath One of the Highest Volcanoes in Indonesia

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