HomerieHomerie.com is a blog that shares knowledge and tips about building, organizing, maintaining and trading house. As we know, a house is a place that keeps us from cold, hot, and danger. A house has to become a home too. A house is limited to the physic shape, but a home is related to something we feel deep inside. A home is where we grow and live surrounded by the people we love.

In short, homerie.com talks about:

  • Build. It is about how to build a house well.
  • Organize. It is about how to arrange the house.
  • Maintain. It is about how to maintain the house and its stuff.
  • Trade. It is about how to buy and sell the house.
  • Activity. It is about activities in the house that may turn a house into a home.

However, Homerie does also provide its visitor with house goods: tools, hardware, appliances, supplies, kitchen & bath fixtures, safety & security, furniture, accessories, housewares, health, toys, etc. This is what Homerie Store page for.

The Homers

  • Cherie, a wife and writer who spends most of her time at home. Being a writer makes her have much time to keep her family, organize the house and maintain every stuff in it.
  • Dito, a husband who works at the office from morning to afternoon, five days a week. He loves spending his spare time in house while doing his hobby, and sometimes helping his wife in maintaining house.

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