Ghostwriter Indonesia

Ghostwriter Indonesia

Just like its name, is a blog made by one of the most reputable ghost writers in Indonesia: Warung Fiksi. It is updated every week, at least, in Bahasa Indonesia. Go to the main part (Home), you will find light articles written by the ghosts during their busyness in writing project. The topic are various: literary award, digital, works, religion, authorship, friendship, poetry, social, Sundanese, etc. They are all easy to read.

Ghostwriter Indonesia blog is launched to make a better communication with Warung Fiksi’s current and future clients. That is why, you will see the introduction of their services through its pages. To be precise, here are those pages:

  • Ghostwriter Indonesia. It is about what does the blog stand for and people behind it. Just a short introduction, so you can decide to hire or not to hire the ghosts.
  • Order Layanan Ghostwriting. Go here and fill up the form if you are about to hire the professional, competent writers. Don’t worry, they understand English, French, and Arabic.
  • Tarif Iklan. This is a little bit different. Because it is about types and tariff of ad space in, the formal website of this blog.

The blog is fast loading, since it uses BlogSpot, which is hosted by Google. When you make contact with the ghosts through this blog, their response is quick as well. They might post only once a week, but they monitor your feedback and order everyday.


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