Don’t Let Their Underestimation Limit Your Imagination

UnderestimationAlbert Einstein once stated, more than 80 years ago “Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution.” It is a fact that this famous scientist thought that imagination is more essential than knowledge.

Imagination is the beginning of creativity and innovation. Creative people color the world by their imaginative design. At first, public put weird, silly, dreamer or nerd images on this kind of people. Eventually, time will tell.

Suppose that Wright brothers (Orville Wright and Wilbur Wright) didn’t imagine about under controlled-flying, the airplane will never be existed. Imagine a world minus air transportation, tiring indeed.

Suppose that Alexander Graham Bell didn’t imagine long distance conversation, there will be no phone and of course you may not dream a thing about your latest mobile phone on your side now.

Suppose that Jimmy Donal Wales didn’t have in mind about what we called Wikipedia, an encyclopedia composed by people around the world for granted. People must have spent a big amount of money to get certain information of an encyclopedia. Or at least they must go to library only to find a piece of data.

There are many typical figures. Person with over the era-imagination. Public laughs on most of them.

Not only common people, public also laughed on God’s messengers (according to your belief) telling their “radical” doctrine. People insulted Noah building ship in the middle of drought and Abraham slaughtering his only son.

Mass cultures, not only in Indonesia, bend to underestimating uncommon matter. No matter how the idea is, laugh comes first. For those who have no courage, this response may slowly inhibit the imagination results in out of the box innovation.

Remember your childhood, didn’t you obsess in exploring the world. We enjoyed every color, move, sound and scent. We wanted to feel, touch and use things we saw. We have become a nature’s architect, writer, poet and musician.

But those were tragically ended in the beginning of formal studies and we don’t stimulate our creativity anymore. We said yes to public regulations. We felt safe and warm in the box, far from those out of the box’s humiliating laugh.

In fact, laugh is a good part in testing our imaginative capability. Without all of those uncomfortable voices, we will not be stimulated to bring the imagination into real concept. Trust me, at the time your imagination output works, those laughs will fade out.


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