How to critize

Say a critique with an etiquetteCriticism, sometimes it brings a sharp dispute. Especially, when an author and a critic insist his or her own opinion. Maybe you familiar with conversation like this: “It was you who asked me to criticize your work with my frame of reference. I did it. And now you tell me to stay away the plot?”

“Right, with your frame of reference! Anyway, what do you know about surrealism plot? So leave it alone, would you?”

What they get then is an uncomfortable dialog. To avoid such situation, better you try the 5 on 5 etiquette of criticize. First, Actually, it is so simple. If you are receiving critique:

  1. Take notes to show you want the critique seriously;
  2. Do not defense, just take what is useful and silently disregard what is not;
  3. Do not expect to any compliment, all you need now is critique;
  4. No matter how you disagree, when the critics say the same thing, maybe they are right; and
  5. Thank them for they have read and thought your work.

And when you are giving critique:

  1. Do it friendly. You are fixing the work, not killing it;
  2. Do not argue. If you want the author consider your points so bad, perhaps you should write your own book;
  3. Be specific. Show him/her you have read the work well;
  4. Always give the recommendation after show him/her negative thing;
  5. Do not just critique orally, write it down for the his/her consideration later.

Criticism is important, particularly when the work has not launched to public. So do maintain a good relationship with the critics. On the other hand, you also could be asked by an author to criticized his/her work. Try not to refuse. This is a take and give situation. Everybody will take advantage.


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