Warung Fiksi dot NetWarung Fiksi (Wufi) is a professional organization of creative writing. It produces the stories that set in Indonesia, be it fiction or nonfiction. Hence its blog, WarungFiksi.net a.k.a. WufiNet, becomes a place where everyone can share the experience about Indonesian cultures, natures, and creatures.

WufiNet does also analyze some of Indonesian fictions, trends, and things related with motivation in writing. Through WufiNet, Wufi is making a resource for writers like itself. Here are topics in WufiNet:

  • Tourism. It’s about tourist destinations in Indonesia.
  • Nature. It’s about nature of Indonesia, whether it’s a tourist site or not.
  • Culinary. It’s about Indonesian foods and beverages.
  • Culture. It’s about tradition, culture and habit of Indonesian people.
  • Fashion. It’s about Indonesian traditional fashion of ethnics.
  • Flora. It’s about plants and vegetables that grow only in Indonesia.
  • Fauna. It’s about animals that live only in Indonesia.
  • Writing. It’s about fictions that wrote by Indonesians, or simply writing tips.
  • Military. It’s about Indonesian military and police gait.
  • Market. It’s about national and international writer’s market or competitions.
  • Knowledge. It’s about other categories, but relevant with Indonesia and/or writing craft.

The Wufiers: Men Behind Warung Fiksi

Brahmanto Anindito is a Communication Studies scholar of Airlangga University. Many national media have published his articles and fictions. In 2002, he won the first place of The Scientific Writing Competition for University Students held by Atma Jaya Catholic University, Jakarta. In 2003, the Korean Embassy and the Indonesian National Education Service picked him as third winner of The Essay Writing Competition about Korea. In 2009, Kompas chose him as first winner of The #IndonesiaUnite Blogger Competition. In 2010, his books are published: Semanyun Senyuman Mahasiswa (Lulu), Pemuja Oksigen (Jaring Pena), Satin Merah (GagasMedia) and Rahasia Sunyi (GagasMedia). He was a journalist in a lifestyle magazine, an editor in a business magazine, and now is a copywriter in an integrated marketing communication company.
Rie Yanti is the bachelor of Padjadjaran University’s French Literature Study who has started writing since her childhood. She produced some short stories and poetries. Graduated from the university, Rie decided to be a writer. She loves writing about stuffs, animals and small, unique things that happen in life. In 2010, Rie have published her first novel, Satin Merah (GagasMedia) with Brahmanto. And in 2011, she published her short stories named Bukan Manusia (Lulu).
Mochammad Asrori is an alumnus of Indonesian Literature Study. He is first winner of The Short Story Writing Competition 2003 which held by State University of Surabaya, third winner of The Writing Contest of East Java’s Student 2004, first winner of The Essay Writing Contest and also second winner of The Poetry Writing Contest in Surabaya Anniversary 2005 event, additional winner of The Youth Theater Script’s Writing Competition 2008 which held by Taman Budaya Jatim. Several publisher and media have published his works, e.g. Widyawara, Sesasi, Gema, Surya, Kompas, Jawa Pos, Radar Surabaya, etc. He is now a teacher. Rori’s first book is Pengarung Bahu (2010).
Ihsan Maulana got a master degree in IAIN Sunan Ampel Surabaya. He is a researcher and was an activist. Iksan is second winner of The Scientific Writing Competition 1999 which held by Islamic School of Bata-bata, second winner of The Pamekasan Scientific Writing Contest 2000, first winner of The Surabaya Scientific Writing Competition 2003, second nominee of The Ahmad Wahid Award 2005 which held by Freedom Institute, JIL and Forum Mahasiswa Ciputat. He is now an entrepreneur and a lecturer, as well as an author of some pedagogic books.

Wufi Writing & Online Solution (WOS)

Warung Fiksi is a writer for hire. Copywriters who will help you inform, persuade or sell your products through the text. Ghostwriters who are ready to write and compile a book under your name for personal branding or merely satisfaction. Scriptwriters who are capable to turn your ideas into audio or audio-visual form. These are Wufi’s field of works:

  • Book or e-book (popular book, memoir, biography, novel)
  • Scenario (movie, TV series, web series, animation, comic)
  • Ads (print, radio, television, web)
  • Internal media (newsletter, bulletin, corporate magazine)
  • Business document (sales letter, proposal, presentation slide)
  • Press release (for print media, electronic, portal)
  • Web (website, blog, social media)

Wufi Travel

Not only to provoke writers to write about Indonesia, Wufi does also facilitate people who wants to go to Indonesia, be it for research or just pleasure. Indonesia has about 17,500 islands with 300 ethnics inside whose people speak in 750 local languages. Nobody would be bored here. Wufi Travel is welcoming you in Indonesia and will help you to book the hotel and flight.

Special Pages in WufiNet

  • Brahm WufiNet is personal blog of Brahmanto Anindito, one of the wufiers.
  • Rie WufiNet is personal blog of Rie Yanti, one of the wufiers.
  • Rahasia Sunyi is a microsite of published thriller novel, written by a wufier.
  • Satin Merah is a microsite of published thriller novel, written by two wufiers.
  • Bukan Manusia is a page of published short stories, written by a wufier.
  • Pengarung Bahu is a page of published short stories, written by a wufier.
  • Pemuja Oksigen is a microsite of published thriller novel, written by a wufier.
  • Semanyun Senyuman Mahasiswa is a page of published short stories, written by a wufier.


Warung Fiksi
Jemur Andayani XXII/kav. 4, Surabaya, Indonesia
Telephone +62 31 81 55 77 99
Email pro@warungfiksi.net

PS: The wufiers speak Indonesian, English and French

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