Oz: the Great and Powerful

Oz: the Great and Powerful

Oz: the Great and Powerful (poster)

  • Product: Featured film
  • Release: 2013
  • Director: Sam Raimi
  • Writer: Mitchell Kapner (screenplay), David Lindsay-Abaire (screenplay)
  • Starring: James Franco, Michelle Williams, Rachel Weisz, Mila Kunis
  • Duration: 130 minutes
  • Genre: Fantasy, adventure
  • Story: A not-so-famous circus magician is swept away by a tornado to a magical land and is forced into a power struggle between three witches.

Visually, I really enjoyed Oz: the Great Powerful. It meet my expectation when I was in a mood to watch something fantastic and adventurous, whose setting is in the middle of nowhere.

What does dissapoint me is the plot. The movie makes me keep on guessing and expecting some brilliant plot twist. But it didn’t come up. Almost all is preditable.

It’s also somewhat unpleasant that Oz: the Great Powerful takes elements of the original movie that should have been left alone. It’s because the original movie portrays Dorothy’s entire journey as a dream in the end.

I like James Franco role as Oz. He can be more explore it, though. He’s just fun and fine. Entertaining… Wait! But, I don’t know whether Oz the Great Powerful is trying to be a fun and family friendly or be a serious and intriguing fantasy movie. I don’t know either what happens to the two witches? No clue at all.

However, Oz: the Great Powerful is a nice, amusing film. Score: 3 stars of 5.


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