Natural Alexa Rank booster

Natural Alexa Rank booster

Natural Alexa Rank booster

For you who don’t know yet, Alexa Rank is a site ranking system that judges your web’s reputation by numbers. Like when we were in school, the smaller your rank, the better you are. FYI, the number one Alexa Rank is, and is the second. The worst is unknown, it could be rank number tens of millions. And if you just published a new web, usually its Alexa Rank is N/A. Then, you’ll get tens millions of just millions depending on your new web’s quality.

The question is, how to improve that rank rapidly? You can do it naturally or premiumly. But, in this article, I want to show you the natural Alexa Rank booster.

The main factors of Alexa Rank calculation are web visitors and backlinks. One thing is for sure, if you update your web continually, your rank will improve (until a certain point). Next, you should boost your Alexa Rank with this 5 basic steps:

1. Claim your site

To boost Alexa Rank fast, you need to claim your site in Alexa. Hit, login (register first if you don’t have user and password), go to dashboard, and follow the instruction to claim your site. If you don’t claim, your new web may take 1-6 months to be ranked by Alexa. Unfortunately, for the blog like (free platform) like this, there is no way you can claim your blog. But don’t worry, there are always other ways to boost your Alexa Rank.

2. Install Alexa toolbar in your browser

That toolbar is pretty good as an Alexa Rank booster. Find a way to install it in your browsers (search on Add On section). So every time you visit your own site with a browser containing Alexa Toolbar, it will be counted as a valid visit by Alexa. Besides, you can monitor daily the up and down of your web’s Alexa Rank directly through that toolbar. Go here to download and install it manually.

3. Install Alexa Rank widgets on your web

It’s a simple widget for your web, which will show your Alexa Rank and backlinks. By using this widget, you give a backlink to Alexa. And she will also be more friendly to you. You love her, she will love you back. It’s a good reciprocity law, and hopefully will affect to your Alexa Rank improving soon. To get the script of such widget, visit here. But don’t stop just in this step.

4. Get more backlinks

You should also build more backlinks from other webs. Specially from the ones in your niche. It is very important not just for boosting your Alexa Rank, but for the sake of Page Rank (Google’s ranking system) as well. Every dofollow link points directly to your web will be counted as an Alexa backlink.

5. Get as many visitors as you can

By the time your visitors increasing, your Alexa Rank should be improving. Not always like that, mathematically. But that’s the causality you can count on. However, this is the unfair of Alexa. She doesn’t count the visit of browsers that contains no Alexa toolbar. How can you anticipate this? No, you can’t. You just can’t force each of your reader to install Alexa toolbar before visiting your web. So, take it easy. Just get as many visitor as you can, and some percent of them must have toolbar on their browsers.

Well, that’s all the Alexa Rank booster.

According to my experience with blogs, turn the rank millions to under a million is easy. To turn 1,000,000s to under 100.000 is hard. And, if you are an ordinary blogger like me, to turn Alexa Rank 100.000s to under 1,000 is almost impossible. You don’t only need some premium tools, huge budget to advertise your web online and off, dedicated SEO and solid content team, to do that, you also need a big name or brand at the first place.

Are you willing to do that?

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