6 Reasons email is an everlasting trend

Email is still good for marketing/“Just send the document via FB message,” said Rino, a friend of mine who is also a restaurant owner. I was rather confused, isn’t email easier? He explained then, “No, it’s just because I check my FB account daily, while my email monthly.”

You what!?

I was surprised that there is actually an internet-literate businessman who checks the email monthly. However, it is nowadays fact that the number of people like Rino is growing larger. In the era of social media like today, people prefers Facebook for communicating rather than Gmail. They say it’s cool.

Is email going to be out of date soon? No, it’s not that far. Revolution in communication is happening. But, it doesn’t mean that email will be abandoned. There are at least 6 good reasons for that:

  1. Email is your ID in internet land. Almost all social media, websites and blogs require the visitor’s email to subsribe, register, or comment. The visitor’s email is a connecting tool to send notifications, validation request, or any info updating.
  2. Email is universal. You use it for almost anything, while social media is exclusively applied. Yes, there are things like “Twitter Connect”, “Sign Up with Google+”, etc. But, email still has a lot more options.
  3. Many companies allow their employees emailing at work, they even provide them with company domain email. Meanwhile, there are companies that prohibit employees to access any social media during the work.
  4. Email feature is being developed. Google and Yahoo, for instance, compete each other in developing their web-based email. Why the heck they do this if their futurists see the emails have no future?
  5. Just because you are addicted to Twitter or Facebook doesn’t mean that all netizen (citizen in internet) are interesting to social media.
  6. Email fits for professional purpose. Email marketing, for example. Do you intend to send a serial newsletter via Facebook message? Few says “why not”, but I don’t recommend it. Remind me to post about list-building and email marketing later. It’s something you couldn’t do properly with just social media.

“Email is an everlasting trend, Mate,” I told Rino. “Not like social media that rises and falls. I’m not saying that social media is irrelevant, temporary trend for your campaign or branding. The point is, email and social media should harmoniously complete each other, not to eliminate. Not to leave one because you fall in love with another.”

“Don’t be ridiculous, I don’t leave email. I still sign-in…”


Rino broke into silence. Then, “Ok, I’ll check it weekly now.”

Yeah, whatever.

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