Affiliate marketing: an overview

To start an affiliate marketing business

There are so many methods to make money online. Affiliate marketing is one of them. And this is my favorite business models. You don’t need to make a product to earn some money. Because as an affiliate marketer, you act like broker, a person who brings the buyer for the seller.

You can help people selling tangible goods such as laptop, fitness equipment, mobile phones, etc. With personal approach or simply join the largest retailer websites like or You can also help people selling intangible goods such as e-book, video, podcast or others by becoming an affiliate partner to, for instance,

I prefer to sell the information products in this affiliate business. Why? Because, it gives you up to 75% commission, or better yet 100%! Compare it with tangible products that only give you 2.5%-10% . Yes, there are some sellers who give higher commission, but as far I know, it never be as high as the comission for information products.

As an affiliate marketer, all you need to do is lead the way. When a customer ask something, you don’t have to answer it, just lead the way to the seller who will answer that question. So, there’s no need to provide a customer service team. You can even set & forget a sales page. That would be your passive income!

However, if you want to sell better, of course there are things you should do actively. You still need to promote, whether in free or paid, the product and your landing page (if any). You should also keep experimenting the copywritings and designs, as well as grabbing the potential customers’ emails.

It’s okay if you don’t build a customer database. But you would lose a lot of potential sales. It’s always a good idea so far to put an opt-in email form in your landing pages. So you can follow up by giving added information (and promotion) to your future buyers.

That’s all for overview about affiliate marketing. Next time, we’ll talk about it in more specific issue. Shall we?


2 thoughts on “Affiliate marketing: an overview

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