Design is (actually) a content too

Design, the soul of productDon’t judge a book by its cover. This utterance might be popular a decade ago. Content is considered to be more essential than cover. Furthermore, words or messages are put upon the book itself (paper as medium). But in the “medium is the message” era like today, a book cover takes important role in representing the content, the writer’s image, and the quality of publisher as well.

Nowadays, design paradigm has reconstructed the famous “don’t judge a book by its cover”.

Picture this. You have dinner in a fine restaurant with your fancy, chic friend. You wear a cheap unbranded suit. You’re the boss, though. This feast is on you. But I bet you’re not the center of staff’s hospitality there. Your friend is.


Simple. It’s your cover.

A research in psychology stated that a charming, handsome and trendy man attracts other people easier. People say “yes” to this kind of person more often. No matter how jerk is he, in reality.

That’s not fair, you say? Well, c’est la vie, mes amis.

Same thing happen with corporate designs. People would value company’s outlook. Most of all, the design. No matter how qualified your product is, it won’t attract buyers if you’ve got clumsy design in the cover.

Design is not merely about art and beauty. Design lives in mass communication domain that creates people’s responses. It could be negative, positive, or inappropriate one. So, use your strategy to create a suitable design for your website or your client’s. Started from logo, tagline, vision-mission, product design, activation event, company profile, and so forth.

Even if you are an internet marketer who believes content is the king. Hey, since design actually talks (communicates), let’s consider it as a part of content. How you lay out your words, how many lines in a paragraph, how big is the font, where are you put the links… are always a part of designing too. See?


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