Google hates guest blogging and link schemes

Google algorithm update in 2014

Google algorithm update in 2014

After hitting German Efamous and French Buzzea this year, Google’s algorithm attacked MyBlogGuest recently. The reason? They all are guest blogging or link building networks. Google hates this kind of website. Head of webspam in Google, Matt Cutts, said that he warned webmasters about this policy since two years ago. And in 2014, his team gets more serious about this issue.

The cynics say, Google doesn’t want companies paying bloggers. It wants companies paying Google through AdWord. But I think Google just tries to improve its algorithm. Since the main parameter of rank is “how many backlinks a web has”, Cutts and team don’t like webmasters mix the natural links with paid links.

A lot of webmasters questioned then, “How Google would distinguish between links that being paid with the natural ones?”

Second question might, if guest blogging, paid reviewing, or what considered as spammy activities (to get better rank) will cause us suffer of de-indexing or PageRank reducing, how does Google distinguish between the links we deliberately build and the links from someone who want our web downgraded?

Gladly, who will suffer in this case usually are the web who put the links. CMIIW, but you don’t have to worry about black campaign of your competitors who bombard you with junk links. Stay cool. For that effort wouldn’t harm your rank. That harm belongs to the webs who release those bad links.

That’s why, a paid review scheme is risky for the blogger or publisher, not the reviewed company.

The first question remains unanswered, though. I think, it’s almost impossible for a third party (like Google bot) to know which one is nonpaid links and which one is paid links.

However, if you insist to raise your blog/web/landing pages by guest blogging, if you still want to earn some money by reviewing things in your blog, I suggest you to…

(1) Use nofollow

Just put the rel=nofollow inside the tag a href to present a hyperlink. You know nofollow means, don’t you? Search engine can’t follow the unfollow links (but human still can). By that, Google doesn’t count that as a valid backlink. So, this review is just like a plain advertorial or press release, with word of mouth benefit. But no PageRank benefit.

You’ll be alright, then. Matt Cutts told in his blog, “When your links are nofollowed, then they don’t affect PageRank. Therefore, it wouldn’t be my team’s attention anymore. A high-quality guest post with nofollow links can still be a good way to get exposure to a new audience, branding, etc.”

(2) Don’t overdo the dofollow links

You don’t necessarily put nofollow in every external links. Even Matt Cutts spread couple of links within his blogpost. I inspected them. Guess what, there is no nofollow tag there. Not even target=_blank (an html instruction to open the link in a new tab). So, that’s okay. After all, the dofollow backlinks are (still) super important as a PageRank parameter.

You still can give external links to any web you like with default mode (dofollow). Just don’t overdo it. Based on what I observe in Cutts’ blog, he sometimes put 4-5 external links in a 500 words post. Just make sure, those URLs are relevant to your post or blog niche. Avoid your posts look like an ad, spam, or such.

(3) Ignore Google

Are you too pissed off on Google? Are you sick and tired to jump every time Google said “jump”? Well, then you can look at your web stats. Hopefully, the traffic from Google is not as much as the other sources, so you can say, “Good bye, Uncle Google. I don’t care anymore about you and how often you change your algorithm!”

Don’t worry, you still have other search engines like Yahoo! and Bing to rely on. You can also count on social media like Facebook and Twitter as your source of visitors.

But maybe what Brian Clark, founder of CopyBlogger and NewRainMaker, is right. Don’t count on of neither search engines or social media. Count on your own community. Make your own tribe! Build a customer and reader list. So, every time you post something, your folks will come directly. And when they want to search something, they would visit your web straight.

That’s pretty hard, though. I mean, so hard. Specially for the ordinary bloggers like me. But, it makes sense, doesn’t it? So, we always have this three option:

a. To completely ignore Google.
b. To whine all the time about the changing algorithm, but can’t just leave Google;
c. To obey Google totally, and give what it wants.

Make your decision now.


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