Take a walk, forget things for a while

walking with baby

Walking fun with baby. Photo from twoknobbytires.com

Once, I was a jogging lover. That looks cool, macho, and demonstrates out loud our level of health. But then, from some sources, I found that actually whether you run or walk, you get a same amount of benefits. I needed a year to understand that and agree with that. Gradually, I started to change my workout preference. From running to walking.

Hey, I’m not that old. I’m 30 something. But I love walk more than run now.

Walking is a sport without rules, without cost. You can walk anyway you like. With shoes, sandals, or without anything. You can chat with your partner(s) while doing it. This is something you can’t do comfortably when you’re jogging. Plus, you don’t need a coach or a health consultant. Every time you want to walk, walk. You don’t even need to warm up. Just walk slowly in the beginning, then speed up after a while.

Due to the simplicity of this exercise, no one thinks to write a book about it. It’s interesting though. Imagine books with the titles “How to Walk Appropriately” (sport), “Know the Business Potentials Near You by Walking Routinely” (business), “Walk! And You Can Say Good Bye to Diabetes” (health), “Make A Lot of Friends with Walking Around” (life style), “Got Writer’s Block? Just Walk a While” (writing), “Turn Off Your Engine, Walk Often, Save the Earth” (environment), etc.

Maybe I’ll write one of those books someday. Or, an e-book perhaps 🙂

Anyway, I walk three times a week. Two to three kilometers each. While holding a 10 kg (and counting) baby, switching with my wife in half way. It’s been two months now. Since the habit has started, my body gets healthier and fresher. And no injury at all! At least not like when I jogged.

It took only three weeks to force myself (and my wife) to have a walk habit. Now, I feel like missing something important if I don’t walk.

How about you? What kind of exercise do you prefer?


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