Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die

Made to Stick

  • Author: Chip Heath & Dan Heath
  • Genre: Self help, business
  • Thick: 291 pages
  • Publisher: Random House

As the subtitle, this book throw a stimulating question, “Why do some ideas thrive while others die?” You know why urban legends, conspiracy theories, or bogus public-health scares can stick to our brain? Those are stories that make us worrying something unnecessary. But we couldn’t forget them somehow. There must be a kind of secret formula behind.

On the other hand, people with important ideas, teachers, affiliate marketers, politicians, journalists and others struggle to make their ideas stick. They tried so hard to convey their message. Yet, most of them fail. Their messages seem to be forgettable and unimportant. Again, there must be a kind of secret recipe to anticipate this!

But what is is? What is the recipe, the formula? How do we improve the chances of worthy ideas?

Made to Stick tackles head-on these vexing questions. Inside, Dan Heath and Chip Heath reveal the anatomy of ideas that stick. They introduce the SUCCESs formula. It’s (S)imple, (U)nexpected, (C)redible, (C)oncrete, (E)motion and (S)tory.

When you want to communicate or critize something, the authors remind you to make it as simple as possible. Next, you must add something unexpected for your audience can’t forget it easily. Compose your message with authority and backed by a valid data, so it looks credible. You may use some numbers, details and descriptions to make it looks concrete.

Try to involve some emotion as well beneath your story. Finally, you need to package the whole message with a story. Because people love stories. Do you know the nature of the story? It can be easily retold to others. So if it’s good enough, it will go viral.

You don’t have to use every element of SUCCESs, yet you can still get the sticky effect. This video, for example, is an insurance ad. I think it loses the credible element. I kept asking, who is this guy? Does he really exist in real life? Or it’s just a work of fiction?

However, it’s still a successful video, don’t you think? It sticks on viewers’ brain. Look on YouTube, the video goes viral.

A lot of example stories like that inside the book. Of course, it’s in text, not video. Those stories were spread (accidentally, maybe) with SUCCESs formula.

Made to Stick is worth to read for bloggers and novelists like me. I recommend it also for authors, content marketers, as well as speakers. This book will force you to rethink every time you are about to release message to your communicant.


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