Escape to Semarang

Kiara and her mother in hotel's swimming pool

Kiara and her mother in hotel’s swimming pool

My family and I went to Semarang, Central Java, last week. For almost two weeks, we “forgot” about updating blogs and writing or revise for clients. Ha-ha. I think everybody needs a break-up sometimes. Escape from routinity! At least twice a year.

Semarang is 5-6 hours trip with train from our city. We went there not for business, nor visiting family because we don’t have any in Semarang. Like I said, it’s for holiday and having us-time. But the fact is, I also needed to do a light observation on this old city for my next thriller novel.

Generally, Semarang is like Bandung. The city is crowded and you can find many angkots (cars for public transportation) come and go taking the passengers, dropping the passengers. But Semarang’s weather was like Surabaya, our beloved city. It was very hot! The sun shone so bright, make us thirsty, especially Kiara, our 1 year old daughter. She drank so much.

It made me want to just stay in hotel room, lying on the bed, feeling comfortable in the air conditioner or enjoying the shower. Or swimming. Or merely watching television.

But hey, that’s not what we planned! We were there for exploring.

So, in Semarang, we went from place to place by angkot and foot. My wife and I brought Kiara and backpack by turns, like we had simulated before.

We also tasted some culinary of Semarang. Some I didn’t like (lumpia Semarang, for instance). Some I adored (tahu gimbal, for example).

It’s always fun, going out with the nuclear family like this. There a lot of benefits: to train us as parent with problems might happen, to make the little one more adaptable with different circumstances and transportation vehicles (and people), to grab some interesting stories, to improve our confidence, et cetera.

Definitely, we’ll do this again this year, and years after. With different destinations, of course.


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