Broken family tends to create broken family

A broken family tends to create another broken family?

A broken family tends to create another broken family?

Yesterday, my uncle’s daughter came to my house. Let’s just call her Rita. She looks skinny and tanned. She brought her two healthy children far from Borneo Island to find her father (my uncle). She said want to show her family to her dad, and hoping her dad (and his new wife) comes with her to Borneo, or anywhere, so they can be together again.

FYI, Rita ran away from home in Surabaya since she was 13. She left her elementary school and stopped her education since then. Rita was raised in a broken family. And now, sadly, she’s going to make the same kind of family.

I saw how she treat her daughter and son. It was horrible. But I think it’s more due to her insufficiant education. Not because she’s naturally born evil. Somehow, I can feel the love and care from Rita to her children, and from her children to her. You know, she’s a single parent now. His husband in Borneo died several moths ago by a car accident.

I recall Rita as a little sister. Four years younger than me. Rita was a talkative and extrovert person. She still is, apparently. She told everything to us so openly. How her daughter had coma after falling out from the balcony and her family there seemed don’t care except said cynically to the kid, “You’re dead already?” How she sold one of her kidneys for the hospital’s treatment. How she asked me if I know someone or a community who’s willing to buy her daughter.

Wait, what?

“I’m so worried to have a daughter, Mas (big brother),” she uttered. “How if she’s pregnant before marriage? How if she’s gonna screw up be like me? That’s why, Mas, I want to trade my daughter.”

Our jaws dropped listening her story. There was no sad face on Rita. At all!

My mother cut, “Think again, Rita! If you trade your children, then, who will take care of you when you gets old? Remember, if you treat your children bad, you wait your time until they treat you the same way.”

Rita was silence.

I added, “You’re worried she becomes like you? Or pregnant without marriage? That’s why you shouldn’t trade your daughter. Make sure it won’t happen. Lead her to get a better life.”

She was still silence at that night. She then changed the subject of conversation. I didn’t know what was in her mind. But in the morning, Rita repeated what we told her when my brother asked her plan in putting her daughter for sale.

It should be glad to know she could turn her mind that fast. However, according to my mother who knows her better than everyone in the house, it’s not a guarantee. Rita can say A, then says B just few hours later.

Rita told us to how she was not wanting her daughter at the first place. How she was trying to abort the baby in uterus because she didn’t feel ready to have a baby. I nodded. Obviously she’s not ready. Even until today!

Look at how she gave two pills at once when her child was ill. Look at how she laughed looking her son’s bone was out of the path after falling from the bus. She didn’t even do anything. Just “cracking” the bone, which made it worst, and believing time would heal her son’s dislocated hand -_-

I don’t know what else to say. Definitely, the story is not the end. Rita’s now, with her two cute children, go to Madura Island to search her father with a very little clue, without any address because no one knows it.

Madura is not a tiny island. I’m pessimistic those children can meet her grandfather. But I really hope Rita is willing to build a happy family, no matter what. To disprove the saying, “A broken family tends to create another broken family.” Let’s hope love does its miracle.


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