How to cure trypophobia

Just testing your trypophibia potential

Look, I don’t want to put other images to test if you have trypophobia, but in case you ask for it, try here

The fear or uncomfortableness of many holes. That’s trypophobia. Don’t know if you have it? Try to see this pic. If you suddenly feel disgust, skin crawling, itchy, shivering, nervous, sweat or nausea, then you suffer trypophobia. In worst case, those holes would make you hurl hysterically, then pass out. Do you buy such phobia exists? If yes, how to cure trypophobia? The word “trypophobia” itself is relatively new. It was coined in 2005. Although the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders doesn’t recognize it, thousands have claimed to be affected by trypophobia, which involves the pathological fear by objects with patterns of holes like beehives, ant hills and lotus seed heads. The researchers Arnold Wilkins and Geoff Cole believe it more biological reaction, rather than a learned cultural fear. In a Psychological Science’s article, they explained, “The reaction is based on a brain response that associates the shapes with danger.” The shapes include a bunch of holes in skin, meat, wood, plants, coral, sponges, mold, dried seed pods, honeycomb, soap, cheese, soil, plants and even wounds and bubbles. Some stated reasons behind this phobia are that the holes seem “disgusting and gross” or the feeling that “something might be living inside”. Hence, the life of a trypophobic becomes harder since those holes are found everywhere. The cracks in the asphalt, the hole from bathroom sink, the unusual form of trees, etc. The fear of an attack, of losing control, or the possibility to be humiliated in public is there anytime, anywhere. The jackpot is, phobias are connected one to another, so a sufferer of one phobia could easily develop other phobias. That would be frustrating!

So, what’s the cure for trypophobia?

A cure for phobia is always a comprehensive therapy. That’s the best method to overcome the fear of “disgusting” holes. The therapy includes hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, professional advice, counseling, drugs, and medications. That would be very expensive. But effective. However, you can also just the program to cure your phobia through this self-help resources. It’s far cheaper. But you’re going to need a strong self-motivation. By running a comprehensive, continual therapy like that, you will make progress step by step. And finally, you’ll be realizing that you don’t have trypophobia anymore.


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