Old, unused stuffs must gone

My Canon scanner

My Canon scanner

Like I said in this article, I have only three options when cleaning house from stuffs. If it’s not functional and in bad condition, I trash it! If it’s not functional but in good condition, I put it to storage. If it’s functional, in good condition, but I have a better item or plan to buy the newer, I donate it. There is always an option to sell it, but that’s not fast solution.

Donate the old things have been my favorite method recently. By donating to someone, others can make use stuffs we don’t need. They, usually the unfortunates, can get them freely. In other hand, I can free my rooms from them. It’s a win-win solution, don’t you think?

And fast solution as well! Because all you need to do is to contact a foundation or organization who can handle the distribution.

For example, my Canon Scanner. I bought it in 2007, if I’m not mistaken. I used it very rarely. Then, when I needed to scan important documents for my clients, it didn’t work. Whatta…

Several days after, I planned to fix it. Unluckily, it seemed like everybody can’t provide that service. They fix broken PCs, laptops, printers, and things… but not scanner! “It’s difficult,” they said.

So, there were only two options left for me. Bring it to Canon Service Center. Or, donate it. Since the condition is still good but old-fashioned, I chose to donate it to Nurul Hayat Foundation. What I like about this foundation is, they would fix broken things, then resell them in order to help the unfortunates.

My computer: CPU, monitor, keyboard and table.

My computer: CPU, monitor, keyboard and table.

After all, I just bought a new combo device: printer, copier and scanner at one. So bye-bye, Canon. And beside Canon, I said farewell too to other unused computer-related things. These pals were my friends since 2006, but now they’re gone.

  • CPU: Pentium D, RAM 2 GB, harddisk 120 GB, chasing Simbadda. Status: donated to Nurul Hayat Foundation on June, 19 2014.
  • Monitor: Samsung SyncMaster 793s 14″. Status: donated to Nurul Hayat on June, 19 2014.
  • Keyboard: Logitech. Status: donated to cousin (a game maniac) on July 4, 2014.
  • Table: (No brand). Status: cracked on August 11, 2014. Maybe it’s a suicide because she was too depressed after her friends left. RIP, buddy.

Yeah, decision had to be made to keep my house clean and comfortable.

It’s hard to say good bye, though, since they were a good and useful pals since I was a university student. They helped me doing this and that. A lot of memory, good and bad. That’s why I took their pictures first and write this post. So I will have something for nostalgia 🙂


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