Deal with stalker in 3 steps

Did you ever feel to be stalked? It’s creepy! A girl friend recently had such annoying experience:

How to deal with stalker

How to deal with stalker

Someone rang my bell harshly this afternoon. I stepped out of the house. He then introduced himself and apologized. Not for ringing the bell. But for being outside my windows the other night. He told me that he had seen me walking down the street and noticed where I live. He hoped that when he made noises at 2 AM, I would come out so he can introduce himself. What the….

How to deal with a stalker like that? First, don’t be panic. Keep calm and sane. Then, follow these three steps:

1. Get detail description of your stalker

Sometimes, the police needs a name and an address to get a restraining order for they can’t get him/her for stalking if s/he lives in the same neighborhood. Try also to remember his/her gender, skin, hair and eye color, how much is s/he taller/shorter than you, the clothes, tattoo (it used to be unique and permanent), etc. Yet, don’t try to collect those details if it’s not possible, because you would only put yourself in danger.

2. Let others know someone is stalking you

If the stalker is a school friend, tell your parents or the school. If it’s a family, tell his/her parent or somebody who holds responsibility of her/him. If it’s someone you don’t know, just tell the cops. Don’t forget to tell some trusted friends too. They will help you to get through this, be a witness when something goes wrong, or at very least, they will mentally support you.

3. Keep distance from the stalker

When you see the stalker again, turn down a different route and run home. Put the distance as far as possible. Alternatively, you could stay with a close family for a few days or weeks to change your predictable pattern. Stay in a large groups as long as you can. Do those until the police tell you the stalker has been caught or s/he stops to stalk.

After all, if things get worst and turn into a harrasment, don’t fight. Just run to a safer place!


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