Ask yourself these 6 questions before you go abroad

Traveling overseasPlan your trip abroad with this 6 questions is not only about proudness of luxurious trip. Of course, there are also beautiful landscapes. Beautiful local people. But most importantly, it helps us understand other cultures and values out there. You experience it. Right in front of you. Not through movies.

Yes, it’s always thrilling to go abroad. Especially, to countries where you never heard before. But somehow, it can be frustrating to prepare such trip. If you don’t know where to start, how about answering these six questions?

1. Where is your destination?

This is a simple question. You should know exactly what country you are heading to. Where do you want to go to take a holiday or adventure?

2. There, how much is your budget per day?

In Indonesia, South East Asia, you can survive with 20 USD/day. But your move and option would be very limited. Minimum daily budget traveling there I think is 25-50 USD. But when your destination is Europe, South America, Australia or The Middle East, you should prepare 50-100 USD every single day.

3. How do you want to travel?

Air trip is the fastest way. But it’s the most expensive transportation and the least flexible, which means your tickets often need to be purchased earlier and many can’t be changed. Meanwhile, trains, buses or urban transportations are the cheapest and more flexible. Want to super flexible transportation? Rent a car. It’s a great idea when you’ve got a lot of money, GPS, an international driving license, and ability to adapt quickly new traffic rules and norms.

4. Where do you sleep?

Don’t look for privacy in hostels, guest houses or camping sites. Don’t look for good entertainment. It should be for bed and breakfast only. But hostels are a great place to meet fellow travelers who can give you useful tips about local stuffs. Meanwhile, hotels are more luxurious and comfortable. This is always my favorite, because I often travel with family. And hunting a better hotel with lowest price in HotelsCombined or Agoda is always challenging to me.

5. When do you decide to travel?

Answer this, so you can plan your trip better. Having specific dates to go travel can be beneficial with regard to visa and leave arrangement, airfare, accommodations, and spectacles. When a holiday season comes, everything is usually more expensive. Though, sometimes I got promo tickets exactly during holiday season.

6. How long do you stay there?

If you have only few days or weeks trip overseas, focusing on one country, or even one city, is sensible. But you must move fast and less sleep in order to catch as many local experience as you can. Traveling longer than that would give you enough time to rest. But, you must prepare a list of things you want to do. The longer you stay, the longer your list should be. Or else, you would have no idea and be depressing in foreign land.

That’s all, the basic questions you should ask yourself. Answering these will kick away your confusion on planning your trip overseas.


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