Some rules while being massaged

Professional therapy

Professional therapy

Well, I just kid. There is never any rule in being massaged. But this article may give you a clue what to do when you come to a spa or house of therapy for the first time. Because some people are shy, but they actually love to get their body being massages. Usually, they prefer massage at home by her husband, or his wife.

You know, getting body massaged at home is free. But I prefer go to a licensed, professional therapist. Because the massagers there must have the advantage of training in all types of massage therapy.

It means, they have the ability to maneuver and reach all body areas. Besides, the environment was designed specifically for relaxation.

Yet, I can request to focus on a particular area, or even a specific treatment like trigger point therapy, thalasso, or sports therapy. All I have to do is mention that to the massager. Or better yet, to the receptionist before the massage session starts, so they can provide a therapist who really meets my necessity.

Every of us has individual preferences in the massage. You don’t have to think that a session is fixed like when you watch a movie. Your therapist is willing to know everything that makes you feel comfortable. So, speak up!

If you a ticklish person, for instance. Tell her or him that you are not comfortable to be touched in certain sensitive area. He or she will know what to do and what to avoid in the next move. Don’t worry, each therapist should be professionally educated. They know how to massage and how to behave while massaging you.

Next “rule”, should you talk or should you just shut up while the session?

I prefer the second. However, if keeps on talking makes you relax and more comfortable, then feel free to have a conversation with the massager. But remember, there is no obligation to talk during your massage, of course unless you want to.

Now, get out the house and try to get the massage by a professional. Have fun!


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