The numbers and the technology

Once upon a time, I did not use technology this much. Yet, I could remember a lot of phone numbers, birthdays, addresses, et cetera. Everything was simple and lovely.

Now, since I use technology to the most of it, keeping phone numbers, passwords, important dates, emails, addresses, I barely remember anything. Recently, I even cannot recall most of my passwords in Google, Ymail, Facebook, Skype, PayPal, and the other Google, Ymail, Facebook, Skype, PayPal, et cetera.

What’s funnier is, I don’t remember my family and best friend’s phone numbers. Maybe it’s still pardonable since the phone numbers today are long, which are ten or twelve digits.

But the worst of all, I don’t remember the birthdays each of my family either. I need to cross check with LinkedIn, Google+ or Facebook to get someone birthday right. Sometime I use the Google Keep to remind me all the dates.

What a digital life style in minus way. But, we are all already here, and no turn back.

One thought on “The numbers and the technology

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