What So-Called Interreligious Dialogue

Intterreligious dialogue

I was in the second day of the Australia and Indonesia Dialogue that held in the Auditorium, Graduate School of UIN Jakarta. We discussed on the interreligious dialogue phenomenon between both countries, especially after the awkward moment due to the execution. This is important since we need to bridge the differences.

Let me summarize what we have got in the forum here.

First thing is, a form of consciousness to overcome the problems in plural communities within Indonesia and Australia. We agree that everybody needs harmony, mutual understanding, and break the walls that separate them.

To start the dialogue, we need to communicate. We can’t not communicate. Without communication, we don’t know anything about her, him, or them. That is the point where we start to foster the prejudice, bias perspective, discrimination, and suspicion.

The problem to know each other actually is so technical. These are several techniques to be used. Firstly, we come with common perspective. Secondly, don’t judge the other by your narrow glasses. Third, keep the communication after the dialogue held.

It is also important to know the concept of equality. The equality can be so structural and yet can be so cultural. Equality means same treatment in every subject. It includes (but not limited to) equality in justice, economy, gender, and status. Without the proportional equality, everything we do could be unmeaning.

Indonesia and Australia have same experiences and knowledge, which are about diversity, technology and numbers. So, personally, I do hope that they can be more active to campaign the peace among so diverse communities in the world.


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