Google AdWords Tutorial for Beginner

Google AdWords Tutorial for BeginnerGoogle AdWords is one of the best direct responds strategy on Internet. For some people, it’s sort of hard techie thing. So, they would prefer to pay agencies to promote their product. While actually, it’s pretty user-friendly tool. Let me give you some clues about this.

1. How to dominate online market without daily ads

First of all, you need to know how the internet marketing works. Or, let’s say, how the fundamental mechanism of Internet. Don’t see the AdWords as the only strategy. You must try also to sell your things without no cost first. Then, Google AdWords will complete you.

2. How to win competition in online market with Google Adwords

Yes, actually you can get a customer’s deal within 24 hours with a good strategy in Google AdWords. Don’t just make ads and spend money.

3. How to register Google Adwords in no time

It’s easy. Just sign up today in Google Adwords, then make a proper ads. Wait for 24-72 hours, and see the respond of your potential buyers.

4. So, why my ads are rejected?

It could be your ads itself. You might break Google AdWords’ rules. So, before you post a targeted ads, make sure you read what you should do and what you shouldn’t do.

5. Use Google Trends to win the online competition

Google Trends is there to help you watch how many a certain keywords has been search annually. Use it to see what is trending now and to predict the upcoming demands.

6. Use Google Keyword Planner as well

Alternatively, you can use UbberSuggest. But Goolge Keyword Planner is far more detail. Why you should use Google Keyword Planner?

  • To find the online market and potential buyer.
  • To analyze the competition between advertisers (remember, it’s not websites competition, but advertisers competition).
  • SEO Strategy. Combine it with zero marketing (no-ads strategy), and you’ll be a winner.

7. Google Display Planner 2015

How to target prospects accurately? There’s no way you sell products or services to everybody. You must specifically choose according to the demography (age, gender, etc), geography, and keywords. Google Display Planner is a powerful tool to dig your online market more precisely.

8. Keyword Planner Preview and Diagnosis 2015

Your product is ready, and you know exactly your market. But then, how about your competitors? Can you beat them? In this case, use Google Preview.

I hope that’s clear enough. Well, this is just a newbie tips. Please comment if you have more sophisticated tips about this topic. I would more than happy to learn from you 🙂


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