Old games, new user experience

To be a game developer today is different with few years ago. The competition is much fiercer. It forces us to keep on enhancing what we called the user experience (UX). As we know, a user always wants to experience new things on games he or she plays.

Let’s take scrabble, a game of pile up words, for an instance. Such game is very popular in English-spoken countries. For non-English players, like Indonesia, we can modify it to make it even more entertaining.

Using Indonesian vocabulary would be a good idea, such as traditional foods, tourism sites, or some other popular words. The scoring of letter must also be adjusted, regarding which letter in Indonesian are rarely used (highest score) and which one are very common (lowest score). The Indonesian users would experience better than when they play original version of scrabble.

Another method to develop a better user experience is to change the interface. For example, see Pac-man. This game was very popular in the mid of 1980s. But recently, Pac-man comes again to light when it is repackaged for iPad platform.

Featuring the finger touch to play, the players get different experience, which is more interesting and challenging. The game also provides a multiplayer mode so four players can play simultaneously on the same screen. This makes the old Pac-man not only resurrected, but also more attractive and competitive.

Old product, new experience. It works like a charm!

That is why there are a lot of mobile games with the pretty same concept out there. You can see small business games or simulations of making cupcakes, hairstyle, fashion, et cetera. Regardless of the sameness, the users, especially the teenagers, tend to collect them all. They don’t select them, they buy them all.

Unbelievable? Nope. It happens.

The market of mobile games is still plenty. If the old games can be remade and still can make some cash, think about the possibility of a completely brand new game. The key is new user experience.

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