Star Wars: One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter

Jedi is terrorist

Do you agree with this meme? Do you agree the jedi (and the rebels) in Star Wars saga are terrorist? I know, it’s just a meme. But since there is no “lol” or laughing emoticon on it, let’s take it seriously (LOL). Look, Pal, what Luke Skywalker did is an act of war. The first line of the first opening crawl says it is a period of civil war. He was part of a military attack on a military installation.

The Death Star was not a resort. All aboard were soldiers. It is well documented in the Star Wars universe that the Empire was anti-alien. They enslaved races (Wookies), slaughtered and tortured billions of others of non-humans. So, the “terrorist attack killing 300,000 people” was the destruction of a space station which destroyed entire planets.

The Empire itself is a clear parallel of the NAZIs (they have storm troopers) and the Holocaust. By continuing the line this example is using, allied soldiers in Europe were terrorists. Sailors who sank the Bismarck would be the Luke’s of WWII.

Luke didn’t “become radicalized” after the killing of his family. This episode was the pulling of the trigger, which made him go search about the authoritarian policies of the Empire. He understood that it was a dictatorship, so he was trained as a Jedi soldier and became leader of the people’s army for the revolution.

In the beginning, the young boy and old man are joined by common self-seeking mercenaries in accomplishing their goal of rescuing the princess, securing the plans–during which time the old man sacrifices himself to aid in the small band’s escape. They manage to return to the resistance with just enough time to study the flaws of the massive weapon and engage in an all out, last ditch effort against impossible odds to thwart the looming threat with only seconds to spare before their own planet is destroyed.

During this time, the mercenaries are redeemed by a change of heart, choosing to forego their selfishness and assist in the defense of the only possible means of security against such overwhelming corruption. Because of their choice and the faith of the young boy in a power higher than himself, the impossible becomes possible–the weapon is destroyed, the enemy thwarted, and hope restored–all without the rest of the known universe even being aware of how close they came to being the next target for destruction by a cold, uncaring, power-hungry regime.

May the force be with you.

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