Jack Ma: changes and make it happen!

Jack Ma, a taipan who owns Alibaba GroupPeople changes. Technology changes. Everything else does also. Nobody is going to wait for you in the past. That’s what Jack Ma said. For you who don’t know who is he, Jack Ma (Ma Yun) is a Chinese business and philanthropist. He has a giant umbrella called Alibaba Group, an Internet-based businesses. Jack Ma is also the richest in China, according to Forbes in 2014, and 18th richest globally.

When the lighter was invented, told Jack Ma, the matches slowly disappeared. In the era of the calculator was getting more popular, the abacus was fading away. Same thing happened to analog camera after digital camera got more mass, direct selling or traditional marketing after the Internet takes control of almost everything, and so on.

Success recipe of Jack Ma

When Jack Ma was asked on his key of success, he answered briefly, “Really simple. I’m doing, while you’re just watching.”

There are three type of people in the world. First, he who makes things happen. Second, he who watches things happen. And third, he who doesn’t even know what happens. Which type are you?

Jack Ma suggests us to choose the first type. So, stop blaming, stop complaining, stop giving excuses. Instead, start making things happen. If you love to spend time to drink, you are becoming an alcoholic. If you love to spend time to complain, you are becoming a blamer, a whiner.

Something that you might don’t realize, the world keeps changing every single day, with or without you on it. If you don’t do or make something, you’ll be left behind. Jack Ma advices us not to waste time to do something irrelevant with personal goal. Keep on striving.

However, don’t forget your family. Business might be a priority, but family is not less important. Spend times with your family. You’ll foster a warm and loving relationship to give even more energy to your business.

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