An endangered dugong chained underwater and be a tourist attraction?

Poor dugong

Look at these photos. This happened recently under the water of Indonesia. Come on! WTF is wrong you, people! Seems like the stupidity is everywhere. Not just the ones who tied the poor dugongs, but also the ones who pay for this spectacle and still think there’s nothing wrong with it. Gladly, there are still few sane people who reported them.

The news said, someone captured and tied mother and calf dugongs. The animals then were being used for ‘photo sessions’. Some guests first paid for the privilege of photo and video documentation. Next, they suggested the captors to release the rare dugongs.

However, they were not sure that the captors would listen, so they uploaded several photos and videos to social media. It went viral. Soon, the public authorities arrived a day after to release the mom and calf pair.

In Indonesia, there are a bunch of people who don’t have environmental quotient. They killed protected animals in the jungle and show off the photo in their social media. Some of them ended up in jail, some of them I don’t have any idea.

People in Indonesia is still watched the animal circus, dolphin shows, use dangerous insecticide (not usual insecticide like Hit obat nyamuk, but dangerous ones), smoking in indoor places, smoking in front of children or pregnant mothers, littering, and so on.

Trapped and tied up mammal

Some idiots even proud of it. In this dugong case, they would be posting on Facebook or Twitter like, “Hey, look at me! Swimming with this beautiful, rare sea creature. All tied up, hurt and sad. But I look so good on a bathing suit, right?”

Damn ignorants! I just can’t understand.

It makes me afraid of my species. There is so much methodical cruelty as if there should be no genetic connection to any of the “good” values we who get angry and shocked of these things base our emotions on.

See, for example, what American soldiers made to fellow human beings in Iraqi prisons. What happened to Chapel Hill. Or what happened in Yugoslavia, a European country, when it dissolved not to speak about things more far in only 20th century history.

Indonesian authority finally set them free

Because of the caring people, more suffering is created. Something to think about correlation between nature protection and profitable tourist industry. (Gayupi)

– Photos from

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