Between terrorism, human right, Muhammadiyah, and NU

Indonesian biggest Islamic organization, Nahdlatul Ulama (NU), defends National Police of Indonesia over the death of alleged terrorist Siyono, who died in police custody. KH Said Aqil Siroj, NU chairman, told, “We trust the police. NU sticks by the government in the face of any terrorism. According to Aqil, Siyono was a terrorist.

In fact, there was not any crime he committed. No court. He just died under the nose of the Police. But why NU chairman said he is a terrorist. Well, this is complicated thing.

In my opinion, NU nowadays is not the best NU I ever admired. Too many politics, now. For instance, NU does not like Wahabi ideology (because they are takfiri, don’t like tahlilan, Maulidan, etc, while those are the tradition of NU), so they defends Shiah, the counterpart of Wahabi.

It’s like The My Enemy’s Enemy is My Friend Principe. So, when you protests about Shiah in a forum, or suggests about “back to Alquran and Hadits rules for ibadah”, some NU members would vonis you, “Moron, are you a Wahaboy? Are you a terrorist?”

Back to Siyono’s case. Siyono’s family was advocated by Muhammadiyah. This is the other largest Islamic organization in Indonesia, we can say it NU’s “competitor” for decades. And Muhammadiyah doesn’t do tahlilan, either.

So, let’s see what did NU say when Muhammadiyah took initiative to do autopsy of Siyono’s dead body. NU supports Government with a simple reason: Siyono was a terrorist, so thank you, Densus 88, for killing him. This is very political, I think. So, Muhammadiyah would look like a terrorist’s defender, now. And NU would look like a hero for Indonesia.

There is no more brotherhood of muslim. There is no sit on the same table. All we’ve got here is statements, “You are terrorist!”, “You are wahabi!”, “Anarchist!”, etc.

I’m not for Muhammadiyah, NU, or any organization. I’m against terrorism, too. But back to Siyono case. He’s never proven a terrorist. Yet, he was proven, by an independent forensic team, tortured to death without any struggle. There are a lot of human right violence indication, here.

And Said Aqil as the chairman of NU came up with that super statement on media. Great. Very great, NU! (Karin)

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