Download pdf: screenplays of Golden Globes & Oscar 2016 movies

Download pdf: screenplays of Golden Globes & Oscar 2016 movies

The 73rd Golden Globe Awards is just over. The big party in the Beverly Hilton Hotel, Los Angeles, today is ended. Everybody smiled, whether his or her film won the prize or not. However, in Hollywood’s point of view, those are the movies of the year. If you are a writer like me, you might be interested to study the screenplays of those films. Continue reading

Star Wars: One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter

Jedi is terrorist

Do you agree with this meme? Do you agree the jedi (and the rebels) in Star Wars saga are terrorist? I know, it’s just a meme. But since there is no “lol” or laughing emoticon on it, let’s take it seriously (LOL). Look, Pal, what Luke Skywalker did is an act of war. The first line of the first opening crawl says it is a period of civil war. He was part of a military attack on a military installation. Continue reading

Mortal Kombat X, Outstanding!

Mortal Kombat X This is my childhood fighting game. When I see Mortal Kombat, I don’t see nostalgia. Because now the game is far more interesting. It’s developed by NetherRealm Studios, and published by Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment. The graphic, the plot, and the gameplay are getting far better.

As the name, Mortal Kombat X is the tenth series. It was released on April 2015 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows. Then it was released on May 2015 for mobile version, which are Android and iOS. Continue reading

The Ghost Team in action

  • Tiga Sandera TerakhirTitle: Tiga Sandera Terakhir (novel)
  • ISBN: 978-602-0989-47-1
  • Author: Brahmanto Anindito
  • Thick: 309 + xiv halaman
  • Pubisher: Noura Books 2015

Do you remember the abduction of Lorentz researchers in Mapnduma Village, Papua, about two decades ago? The tragedy involved a militant group called OPM (Organisasi Papua Merdeka or Free West Papua Organisation). If you still don’t remember it or don’t know what OPM is, this novel would help you refreshing the memory. Although it’s a pure fiction and the background is shifted to the present time, i.e. Jokowi-JK era, Tiga Sandera Terakhir was inspired by that Mapnduma incident. Continue reading

Bond girls years after

James Bond, agent 007, is always with girlsJames Bond is a masterpiece. No one can deny it. Today, who doesn’t know the agent of 007? A guy who used to aim a tiny pistol with some notorious music.

Bond is a professional, well-trained British secret agent. As a handsome and charming gentleman, he is a playboy as well. Wow! I just can’t imagine a secret agent surrounded by women. But… OK, this is only a fiction. That paradox makes the story looks more “selling”, anyway. More entertaining for the guys 😀 Continue reading

Mama: A mother’s love is forever

  • Mama: A mother’s love is forever

    Mama: A mother’s love is forever

    Product: Feature film

  • Release: 2013
  • Director: Andrés Muschietti
  • Writer: Andrés Muschietti, Barbara Muschietti
  • Starring: Jessica Chastain, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Megan Charpentier
  • Duration: 100 minutes
  • Genre: Horror
  • Story: Lucas and Annabel have to raise their two young nieces who were left alone in the forest for five years, but nobody knows that actually the children are always with their “mama”. Continue reading