Google AdWords Tutorial for Beginner

Google AdWords Tutorial for BeginnerGoogle AdWords is one of the best direct responds strategy on Internet. For some people, it’s sort of hard techie thing. So, they would prefer to pay agencies to promote their product. While actually, it’s pretty user-friendly tool. Let me give you some clues about this. Continue reading


Ask yourself these 6 questions before you go abroad

Traveling overseasPlan your trip abroad with this 6 questions is not only about proudness of luxurious trip. Of course, there are also beautiful landscapes. Beautiful local people. But most importantly, it helps us understand other cultures and values out there. You experience it. Right in front of you. Not through movies.

Yes, it’s always thrilling to go abroad. Especially, to countries where you never heard before. But somehow, it can be frustrating to prepare such trip. If you don’t know where to start, how about answering these six questions? Continue reading

Deal with stalker in 3 steps

Did you ever feel to be stalked? It’s creepy! A girl friend recently had such annoying experience:

How to deal with stalker

How to deal with stalker

Someone rang my bell harshly this afternoon. I stepped out of the house. He then introduced himself and apologized. Not for ringing the bell. But for being outside my windows the other night. He told me that he had seen me walking down the street and noticed where I live. He hoped that when he made noises at 2 AM, I would come out so he can introduce himself. What the….

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Google hates guest blogging and link schemes

Google algorithm update in 2014

Google algorithm update in 2014

After hitting German Efamous and French Buzzea this year, Google’s algorithm attacked MyBlogGuest recently. The reason? They all are guest blogging or link building networks. Google hates this kind of website. Head of webspam in Google, Matt Cutts, said that he warned webmasters about this policy since two years ago. And in 2014, his team gets more serious about this issue. Continue reading

Natural Alexa Rank booster

Natural Alexa Rank booster

Natural Alexa Rank booster

For you who don’t know yet, Alexa Rank is a site ranking system that judges your web’s reputation by numbers. Like when we were in school, the smaller your rank, the better you are. FYI, the number one Alexa Rank is, and is the second. The worst is unknown, it could be rank number tens of millions. And if you just published a new web, usually its Alexa Rank is N/A. Then, you’ll get tens millions of just millions depending on your new web’s quality. Continue reading