An endangered dugong chained underwater and be a tourist attraction?

Poor dugong

Look at these photos. This happened recently under the water of Indonesia. Come on! WTF is wrong you, people! Seems like the stupidity is everywhere. Not just the ones who tied the poor dugongs, but also the ones who pay for this spectacle and still think there’s nothing wrong with it. Gladly, there are still few sane people who reported them. Continue reading

Warning! Your Google account has quota

Each Google account has quota

Each Google account has quota

How to economize your bandwidth and space for your web? If it’s all about images and videos storage, I count on Google products. I always uploaded photos first on Google+, not directly on my blog (unless it’s a free blog like this), then hotlinked them with a simple img src html code.

But, a friend of mine told me that Google has a limit. “So, it’s not a very good solution,” he said. Continue reading

Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die

Made to Stick

  • Author: Chip Heath & Dan Heath
  • Genre: Self help, business
  • Thick: 291 pages
  • Publisher: Random House

As the subtitle, this book throw a stimulating question, “Why do some ideas thrive while others die?” You know why urban legends, conspiracy theories, or bogus public-health scares can stick to our brain? Those are stories that make us worrying something unnecessary. But we couldn’t forget them somehow. There must be a kind of secret formula behind. Continue reading

Warung Fiksi dot NetWarung Fiksi (Wufi) is a professional organization of creative writing. It produces the stories that set in Indonesia, be it fiction or nonfiction. Hence its blog, a.k.a. WufiNet, becomes a place where everyone can share the experience about Indonesian cultures, natures, and creatures.

WufiNet does also analyze some of Indonesian fictions, trends, and things related with motivation in writing. Through WufiNet, Wufi is making a resource for writers like itself. Here are topics in WufiNet: Continue reading

Ghostwriter Indonesia

Ghostwriter Indonesia

Just like its name, is a blog made by one of the most reputable ghost writers in Indonesia: Warung Fiksi. It is updated every week, at least, in Bahasa Indonesia. Go to the main part (Home), you will find light articles written by the ghosts during their busyness in writing project. The topic are various: literary award, digital, works, religion, authorship, friendship, poetry, social, Sundanese, etc. They are all easy to read. Continue reading