Jack Ma: changes and make it happen!

Jack Ma, a taipan who owns Alibaba GroupPeople changes. Technology changes. Everything else does also. Nobody is going to wait for you in the past. That’s what Jack Ma said. For you who don’t know who is he, Jack Ma (Ma Yun) is a Chinese business and philanthropist. He has a giant umbrella called Alibaba Group, an Internet-based businesses. Jack Ma is also the richest in China, according to Forbes in 2014, and 18th richest globally. Continue reading


Broken family tends to create broken family

A broken family tends to create another broken family?

A broken family tends to create another broken family?

Yesterday, my uncle’s daughter came to my house. Let’s just call her Rita. She looks skinny and tanned. She brought her two healthy children far from Borneo Island to find her father (my uncle). She said want to show her family to her dad, and hoping her dad (and his new wife) comes with her to Borneo, or anywhere, so they can be together again. Continue reading