Between terrorism, human right, Muhammadiyah, and NU

Indonesian biggest Islamic organization, Nahdlatul Ulama (NU), defends National Police of Indonesia over the death of alleged terrorist Siyono, who died in police custody. KH Said Aqil Siroj, NU chairman, told, “We trust the police. NU sticks by the government in the face of any terrorism. According to Aqil, Siyono was a terrorist. Continue reading


Chapel Hill Shooting shows us discrimination exists

No headlines for muslim, even if they are victim

No headlines for muslim, even if they are victim

Not only the governments of the West, the media is also picky when it comes to muslim issues. Regard, those are what media covered a day before hashtag #‎ChapelHillShooting became trending topic on Twitter‬. It never cease to amaze me. Not covering the slaughter of muslims in non U.S. countries is one thing. But ignoring the slaughter inside the U.S.? I mean, what the f*ck, Man!

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Old, unused stuffs must gone

My Canon scanner

My Canon scanner

Like I said in this article, I have only three options when cleaning house from stuffs. If it’s not functional and in bad condition, I trash it! If it’s not functional but in good condition, I put it to storage. If it’s functional, in good condition, but I have a better item or plan to buy the newer, I donate it. There is always an option to sell it, but that’s not fast solution. Continue reading

Design is (actually) a content too

Design, the soul of productDon’t judge a book by its cover. This utterance might be popular a decade ago. Content is considered to be more essential than cover. Furthermore, words or messages are put upon the book itself (paper as medium). But in the “medium is the message” era like today, a book cover takes important role in representing the content, the writer’s image, and the quality of publisher as well. Continue reading