Old games, new user experience

To be a game developer today is different with few years ago. The competition is much fiercer. It forces us to keep on enhancing what we called the user experience (UX). As we know, a user always wants to experience new things on games he or she plays. Continue reading


Google AdWords Tutorial for Beginner

Google AdWords Tutorial for BeginnerGoogle AdWords is one of the best direct responds strategy on Internet. For some people, it’s sort of hard techie thing. So, they would prefer to pay agencies to promote their product. While actually, it’s pretty user-friendly tool. Let me give you some clues about this. Continue reading

Chapel Hill Shooting shows us discrimination exists

No headlines for muslim, even if they are victim

No headlines for muslim, even if they are victim

Not only the governments of the West, the media is also picky when it comes to muslim issues. Regard, those are what media covered a day before hashtag #‎ChapelHillShooting became trending topic on Twitter‬. It never cease to amaze me. Not covering the slaughter of muslims in non U.S. countries is one thing. But ignoring the slaughter inside the U.S.? I mean, what the f*ck, Man!

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Some rules while being massaged

Professional therapy

Professional therapy

Well, I just kid. There is never any rule in being massaged. But this article may give you a clue what to do when you come to a spa or house of therapy for the first time. Because some people are shy, but they actually love to get their body being massages. Usually, they prefer massage at home by her husband, or his wife.

You know, getting body massaged at home is free. But I prefer go to a licensed, professional therapist. Because the massagers there must have the advantage of training in all types of massage therapy. Continue reading

Warning! Your Google account has quota

Each Google account has quota

Each Google account has quota

How to economize your bandwidth and space for your web? If it’s all about images and videos storage, I count on Google products. I always uploaded photos first on Google+, not directly on my blog (unless it’s a free blog like this), then hotlinked them with a simple img src html code.

But, a friend of mine told me that Google has a limit. “So, it’s not a very good solution,” he said. Continue reading