The Ghost Team in action

  • Tiga Sandera TerakhirTitle: Tiga Sandera Terakhir (novel)
  • ISBN: 978-602-0989-47-1
  • Author: Brahmanto Anindito
  • Thick: 309 + xiv halaman
  • Pubisher: Noura Books 2015

Do you remember the abduction of Lorentz researchers in Mapnduma Village, Papua, about two decades ago? The tragedy involved a militant group called OPM (Organisasi Papua Merdeka or Free West Papua Organisation). If you still don’t remember it or don’t know what OPM is, this novel would help you refreshing the memory. Although it’s a pure fiction and the background is shifted to the present time, i.e. Jokowi-JK era, Tiga Sandera Terakhir was inspired by that Mapnduma incident. Continue reading

Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die

Made to Stick

  • Author: Chip Heath & Dan Heath
  • Genre: Self help, business
  • Thick: 291 pages
  • Publisher: Random House

As the subtitle, this book throw a stimulating question, “Why do some ideas thrive while others die?” You know why urban legends, conspiracy theories, or bogus public-health scares can stick to our brain? Those are stories that make us worrying something unnecessary. But we couldn’t forget them somehow. There must be a kind of secret formula behind. Continue reading

Rahasia Sunyi, a Mystery Lies Beneath One of the Highest Volcanoes in Indonesia

Rahasia SunyiTitle: Rahasia Sunyi (The Secret of Silence)
Author: Brahmanto Anindito
Genre: Thriller Novel
Thick: 372 + x pages
Publisher: GagasMedia

Lautan Angkasawan goes to Kerinci for a puzzle. Kirey Fowler, his former lover, died in an accident on that highest mountain on Sumatra Island. The girl’s father then asked Lautan to investigate her death. Feels knowing Kirey outside-in, Lautan nods to Mr. Fowler’s plea. So he flies to Kerinci, one of the regencies in Jambi Province, Indonesia. Slowly but surely, the curtain of mystery opens. But, apparently Lautan is not alone there. His life is in danger. Continue reading