Affiliate marketing: an overview

To start an affiliate marketing business

There are so many methods to make money online. Affiliate marketing is one of them. And this is my favorite business models. You don’t need to make a product to earn some money. Because as an affiliate marketer, you act like broker, a person who brings the buyer for the seller. Continue reading


6 Reasons email is an everlasting trend

Email is still good for marketing/“Just send the document via FB message,” said Rino, a friend of mine who is also a restaurant owner. I was rather confused, isn’t email easier? He explained then, “No, it’s just because I check my FB account daily, while my email monthly.”

You what!? Continue reading

Natural Alexa Rank booster

Natural Alexa Rank booster

Natural Alexa Rank booster

For you who don’t know yet, Alexa Rank is a site ranking system that judges your web’s reputation by numbers. Like when we were in school, the smaller your rank, the better you are. FYI, the number one Alexa Rank is, and is the second. The worst is unknown, it could be rank number tens of millions. And if you just published a new web, usually its Alexa Rank is N/A. Then, you’ll get tens millions of just millions depending on your new web’s quality. Continue reading