Some rules while being massaged

Professional therapy

Professional therapy

Well, I just kid. There is never any rule in being massaged. But this article may give you a clue what to do when you come to a spa or house of therapy for the first time. Because some people are shy, but they actually love to get their body being massages. Usually, they prefer massage at home by her husband, or his wife.

You know, getting body massaged at home is free. But I prefer go to a licensed, professional therapist. Because the massagers there must have the advantage of training in all types of massage therapy. Continue reading

Seawater therapy called Thalasso

Everyday I work for clients. Sometime do things I don’t want to do is quite stressful. I must take a breath for a while. Already I took my two days of my official leave. But it was all for maintaining my house, not for relaxing myself. I think I need to take the other leave this year (before it expired). I don’t know what I am going to do, but recently I want to take a massage so bad. Continue reading