5 Qualities Yahoo and Bing want from your webs

Yahoo and Bing wantGoogle Search is not the one and only. Banned by Google? You still can count on Yahoo, Bing and other search engines to send visitors. Although for me, the SERP (Search Engine Result Pages) of Yahoo is little weird. Some unimportant pages could be there, like a feed page (www.domain.com/feed). This makes me conclude that Google is still the best, unfortunately. Continue reading


Google hates guest blogging and link schemes

Google algorithm update in 2014

Google algorithm update in 2014

After hitting German Efamous and French Buzzea this year, Google’s algorithm attacked MyBlogGuest recently. The reason? They all are guest blogging or link building networks. Google hates this kind of website. Head of webspam in Google, Matt Cutts, said that he warned webmasters about this policy since two years ago. And in 2014, his team gets more serious about this issue. Continue reading