What So-Called Interreligious Dialogue

Intterreligious dialogue

I was in the second day of the Australia and Indonesia Dialogue that held in the Auditorium, Graduate School of UIN Jakarta. We discussed on the interreligious dialogue phenomenon between both countries, especially after the awkward moment due to the execution. This is important since we need to bridge the differences. Continue reading


Deal with stalker in 3 steps

Did you ever feel to be stalked? It’s creepy! A girl friend recently had such annoying experience:

How to deal with stalker

How to deal with stalker

Someone rang my bell harshly this afternoon. I stepped out of the house. He then introduced himself and apologized. Not for ringing the bell. But for being outside my windows the other night. He told me that he had seen me walking down the street and noticed where I live. He hoped that when he made noises at 2 AM, I would come out so he can introduce himself. What the….

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