An endangered dugong chained underwater and be a tourist attraction?

Poor dugong

Look at these photos. This happened recently under the water of Indonesia. Come on! WTF is wrong you, people! Seems like the stupidity is everywhere. Not just the ones who tied the poor dugongs, but also the ones who pay for this spectacle and still think there’s nothing wrong with it. Gladly, there are still few sane people who reported them. Continue reading

Chapel Hill Shooting shows us discrimination exists

No headlines for muslim, even if they are victim

No headlines for muslim, even if they are victim

Not only the governments of the West, the media is also picky when it comes to muslim issues. Regard, those are what media covered a day before hashtag #‎ChapelHillShooting became trending topic on Twitter‬. It never cease to amaze me. Not covering the slaughter of muslims in non U.S. countries is one thing. But ignoring the slaughter inside the U.S.? I mean, what the f*ck, Man!

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