Download pdf: screenplays of Golden Globes & Oscar 2016 movies

Download pdf: screenplays of Golden Globes & Oscar 2016 movies

The 73rd Golden Globe Awards is just over. The big party in the Beverly Hilton Hotel, Los Angeles, today is ended. Everybody smiled, whether his or her film won the prize or not. However, in Hollywood’s point of view, those are the movies of the year. If you are a writer like me, you might be interested to study the screenplays of those films. Continue reading


How to critize

Say a critique with an etiquetteCriticism, sometimes it brings a sharp dispute. Especially, when an author and a critic insist his or her own opinion. Maybe you familiar with conversation like this: “It was you who asked me to criticize your work with my frame of reference. I did it. And now you tell me to stay away the plot?” Continue reading